Beware of rebates!

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Beware of rebates!

Post by rickf » August 21st, 2019, 1:30 pm

I bought some ammo with a rebate attached a while ago and you cannot do anything until after the ammo gets to you and then you have to jump through all kinds of hoops by taking pictures of the ammo boxes and the UPC codes and filling out several forms and then you wait,..............and wait................and wait.........................and wait some more............................ and then finally you will get a debit card in the mail as your rebate. This is where you have to act quickly because apparently they issue the card on the date of the sale and it is a very short lived card at that. Most gift cards are good for several years, these cards are good for a few months. Several of those months were used up waiting for the process to go through it's route which I am sure is planned for just this reason. I got my rebate card back in April and I just went to use it and I see that it expired July/19!!!! So I lost 60-70 dollars just like that. I remember the store and I will never deal with them again since the only good deals they have is through rebates.
So if you go this route by dang sure to spend those cards FAST!!!!!

And when I called the number on the card to complain I told them I would not be buying anything else from this seller and they told me it has nothing to do with the seller, it is Vista Outdoor cards policy. I said OK, So I will be sure to never buy anything that remotely has anything to do with Vista Outdoor!

Rebates have been a scam since they were started, the rebate companies depend on people not returning them on time and in this case they help it along by not sending them out for months and only giving you a month or two to use it.
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Re: Beware of rebates!

Post by m3a1 » August 22nd, 2019, 1:07 am

I'd join your rant but mine is about hazmat fees for shipping paint. Also ridiculous.

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