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Posting Images on

Postby m3a1 » September 18th, 2017, 2:17 pm

The following is a guide to help you post pictures - You must use another website that has third-party hosting as G838 is not a site that hosts your pictures.

The following is not an endorsement for; merely instructions for the use of the Postimg website which provides third-party hosting for free. There may be other websites that you prefer to use. Keep in mind, websites that initially agree to host for free, may change their policy with little or no warning. cannot be held responsible for policy changes on other websites, including those of

Go to (formerly and sign up (it's free....for now.) You can post anonymously without joining, by the way, but in that way you won't have the benefit of creating files to keep your photos organized.

Create a gallery or multiple galleries for your images after signing up. You begin this process by giving your gallery a name (click on the gray box and enter the name) and finalize its creation by clicking on "Create a New Gallery" button to the immediate right of the gallery name box. This will help you to stay better organized.

If you have created multiple galleries, preselect the appropriate gallery prior to uploading your photos. This helps you immediately send your uploading photos into the applicable gallery at the time you upload, rather than having everything in one gallery which would require much additional effort in sorting, later on. After you have created your galleries you are ready to upload your photos.

Click on the "Upload" at the top left of the screen. A new screen will open presenting you with options to resize your image. Below that you can assign an expiration date for the link (do nothing here if you want the photo to remain available for view). Below that is the "Choose Images" box.

From your computer, select the photos you want to upload and drag and drop them to the "Choose Images" uploading box (in the middle of the page) and yes, it will accept multiple photos at one time.
-or- click on that box and select files to upload in much the same way as you probably add photos to your email.

A visual representation of the uploading process will appear. Sometimes a photo or two won't upload (even though it initially showed it uploading). A failed upload usually shows up with a small notation in red. If this happens, try to upload it again. Once your photos are successfully uploaded, click on Proceed.

With your photos now uploaded, link them into the text you've created here on the G838 site. At this point, you have several options. If you want to paste all the photos you've just uploaded to the text box here on the G838 from the postimg screen that shows all the uploads you just made, you can select "Hotlink For Forums and click on the file button to the extreme right and that will copy all the links for your most recent uploads -or- you can Click on the "share" icon for an individual photo, which will become visible when you hover your cursor over it (it's to the left of the little trashcan icon) -or- simply click on the selected photo which will bring up a box with a variety of URLs for that photo. Select "[b]Hotlink For Forums" by clicking on the file button to the extreme right of that link.[/b] This will automatically copy the entire link and you are ready to paste it.

*Note* If you are creating a complex posting where you want to select photos from multiple galleries you've created you need only click on "my images" at the top right of the screen. That will bring up whatever galleries you've created, allowing you to move efficiently between them.

Now let's create a text using images uploaded to postimg because a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Paste the link (or links) you've copied onto the text box. Where you paste your images, relative to the text, is important. In this way you can make comments and references that relate directly to the photo.

Once you've concluded writing your text with your images hotlinked, click on the "Preview" button below the text box. You can Preview at any time while you are composing your post. By doing this you will be able to review what you have written and observe where your photos are and determine if you have made any mistakes. What you see in the Preview box is what the other members will see.

You cannot make changes in the Preview box. Scroll down below the Preview panel and you will find your working text box so you can continue to make your corrections or add to what you've written so far. To review what corrections and additional text you have made, simply click on "Preview" button again which will reload your submission, with any changes you've made. You can Preview as many times as you'd like, as often as you'd like.

When you're satisfied, click on "Submit" and you're done. After a moment your new post will open automatically and if you find that you want to make changes (now, or even at a later date) click on the "EDIT" button at the top right corner of your post. This will allow you (and only you) to make corrections.

EDIT is also very useful if you post something for sale because once that item has sold, you can go back and change your original post to indicate it is no longer available.
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Re: Posting Images on

Postby m75 » September 20th, 2017, 2:45 pm

Rick, I followed your directions and was able to easily upload photos to a forum posting just now. What a change from P/B!
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Re: Posting Images on

Postby Dennis » January 3rd, 2019, 11:50 am

Thanks for that I’m afraid it’s all a bit to tech for me, so won’t be doing that then
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