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Postby m3a1 » April 30th, 2017, 11:49 am

Had a very good day yesterday, spelunking at one of my favorite flea markets. I love those days when everything comes my way. Came home with lots of stuff that could make displaying my truck a lot of fun for everyone.

Picked up an spring-airsoft M14 needing a makeover and so the price was dirt cheap. It's not a high quality piece but with a little care and paint, it'll easily pass the 10-foot rule. I'm an old-time modeler so it will be a fun project and when it's done I won't have to worry much about it getting knocked around or the occasional grubby fingers handling it. I'm not in the habit of bringing pseudo-guns to car shows but I will admit they do look good with the vehicles.

Also came home with a first Gulf War LBE and belt and an very nice ALICE pack of similar vintage, a particularly nice right-angle flashlight (mainly because it was only $4.00 and had the much superior LED bulb and all the diffusor lenses.) and an M1 helmet and assorted aluminum canteen articles (canteen, cup, bottom piece for heating with Hex tabs and M1956 cover, dating from 1944 to present.

A second look around netted me a very nice WWII 30cal ammo can...not perfect but in VG condition - which is perfect for actual use with my Browning 1919s because I won't have to worry about mistreating it.

I've taken to pacing some helmets and LBEs so the parents can dress their kids up (or one another) so as to take pictures with the MUTT. Everybody likes that and it promotes friendly interest in the hobby.

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