• FSN 2320-542-4783
  • Build by Ford, Willys-Overland & Kaiser Jeep CORP.
  • Body built by: Fruehauf Trailer for (Willys & Kaiser) and Budd Wheel CORP for (Ford).
Built Years:
  • 1959 to 1964
Drive train:
  • Holley Carburetor 1960-62/63
  • Air cleaner is flat on top
  • Air Cleaner input had a screened cover, not solid.
  • Steering knuckles have a curved cover.
  • Rear suspension has single rubber bumper on each arm
  • early M151 arms have only 2 bolt holes where it attaches to the bearing hub. (The A1 used a 3rd hole in the center). The early hub doesn't have the center hole either.
  • The holes on the early arm are threaded (the A1 used pass through bolts and nuts). The same bolt will work.
  • the bushing end has a smaller hole on the early one.
  • magnesium wheels 1959-62/63. Steel thereafter.
  • Gas cap round with ears. Authorization to remove ears in 1962 (for personnel safety reasons).
  • All dive lines and shafts are marked Spicer
  • Rear half shafts - outer U-joint (towards hub) is the same as a Drive line U-Joint. In other words it is held in place with bolts not a U bolt
  • Brake drums are held in place with 3 slotted screws. So hub is drilled and tapped for these screws.
  • Front Shocks look different.
  • Front seats have threaded adjustable feature
  • Hand Brake is ratchet type with push-button and bellows-type boot
  • Hood has three chevron-reinforcing ribs on underside and a U-bracket with pin in center for windshield hold down.
  • Front bumper is straight
  • Hood latch is single horn type.
  • Fabric covered windshield rest.
  • Fabric covered top edge of grill.
  • Oval floor drains.
  • Windshield with 2 defroster slots per side.
  • Two cowl air intakes. (Sometime in 1962 (April-June) they went to one)
  • Hood had a cover plate where the fording pipe would go through.
  • Hood did not have a dimple on drivers side where the wire to the A1 turn signal would exit.
  • No mirror or bracket mounted on middle of windshield.
  • Rear bench seat without support legs, with footman loops to store top, side curtains, door skins & Frame.
  • On passenger side a support bracket for the handle of the shovel.
  • Cowling vent lid on the right side (factory)
  • Rear Bumperets has extra support bracket riveted on the top side and deeper.
  • Grill is taller and use all 4 mounting bolts on each side.
  • In-tank fuel pump.
  • No turn signal
  • No rear right hand B/O marker light.
  • Generator with separate voltage regulator (25amp), two belts (also on M151A1s up to 1967/8)
  • Kysor model gas heater (when fitted) them moved to the water heater. (year is unknown)
  • Vacuum wipers.
  • Rear drive lights is on the left side.
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