Front and rear hub bearings: LM501348(cone) LM501310(cup). These are available as a set from any auto parts store. The “National” part number for the set is A35. I got mine at O'reiley.

Front Springs - M151, M151A1 and M151A2 Part No. 8754263. NSN 5360-00-678-3007 Free length (unloaded) = 11” . Replace if below 11”

Rear Springs - M151 and M151A1 Part No. 8754445. NSN 5360-00-678-2963 Free length (unloaded) = 12.75” . Replace if below 12.25”

Rear Springs - M151A2 Part No. 11639643. NSN 5360-00-176-0445 Free Length (unloaded) = 12.9”. Replace if below 12.9”

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