Delivery of large order of Ford M151A2 vehicles

  1. Unknown date and location
  1. Notes
  2. 21 vehicles per rail car
  3. Front fender details- Confirms Ford Manufacture
  4. Trash on the ground: Perhaps packing material removed before moving vehicles?


HJ Fackovec Collection

  1. Date and Location unknown- Believed to be a Ford Pre-Production sample vehicle
  2. Note the front lifting loop brackets- theory is Ford proposed change and Govt declined the change

HJ Fackovec Collection

  1. Photo from the Detroit Arsenal Jan 30, 1957
  2. Serial Number 2B4764
  3. Pre-production unit-

Differences between this unit and production models include:

  1. Vent hole pattern in the rims
  2. Lack of tie down loops on hubs
  3. Headlight guards
  4. Large canvas covered bumpers on the windscreen - they appear to be mitered so they land at the curved part of the hood
  5. Big staple type footman loop on the hood
  6. Different sort of catch for the hood hold up.
  7. The Differential guard is flat channel instead of having reinforcement ribs pressed in
  8. Side curtain rod has a receiver hole in the top of the side wall, instead of a spot welded external bracket
  9. No provision for shovel on passenger side
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