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“1/2 CUT BEGINS 5 FEB 1973 ENDS 8 APR 1981”



DoD 4160.21-M

(b) Care must be taken by the DRMO to ensure that mutilation does not occur until the above reutilization efforts have been exhausted. © DRMOs will assure that M151 vehicles are made available for DoD customers only. National Stock Numbers for M151 vehicles are: 2310-00-177-9256, 2310-00-782-6056, 2320-00-177-9257, 2320-00-177-9258, 2320-00-542-4783, 2320-00-763-1091, 2320-00-763-1092, and 2320-01-264-4819. (d) DRMOs are encouraged to attempt maximum reuse of components and parts of the M151 vehicles to Federal civil agencies and donees of those M151 vehicles remaining after DoD or FMS screening. This shall be accomplished by making the vehicles available to transfer and donation screeners for the normal screening period. The unit of issue shall be by component or part nomenclature removed from the M151 vehicle. No SF 97 is to be issued, under any circumstance, to recipients of M151 vehicles. (e) Mutilation of M151 vehicles shall be accomplished as follows:

The engine, radiator, and transmission (drive shaft, front and rear suspension system not included) shall be cut out or unbolted from the M151 unitized body. The front and rear differentials and other components shall be removed and made available for RTDS, except for certain engines discussed in subparagraph B74g(1)(e)8. The drive shaft and front and rear suspension systems attached to the M151 or turned in detached from the vehicle shall be included in the DRMO's M151 mutilation process.

The unitized body, drive shaft, and front and rear suspension systems shall be shredded and/or crushed, in such a manner as to completely prevent rebuild into a usable unitized body. Where the quantity warrants, the shredding, baling, or crushing of M151 vehicle bodies may be performed as a condition of sale on U.S. Government premises subject to the controls outlined in subparagraph B74g(1)(e)3 . When use of the sale option does not lead to disposal of the M151 vehicle bodies, those bodies shall be shredded, baled, or crushed by the DRMO. These actions shall be accomplished by existing DRMO resources, through the host, or by service contract. All actions shall be subject to the controls outlined in subparagraph B74g(1)(e)3. Residue of the shredded or crushed unitized body shall be commingled with other ferrous scrap metal generations. The above effort will achieve the desired objective; that is, to prevent reassembly of an operable M151 vehicle from the residue of the mutilation operation.

The following additional procedures shall apply to the disposal of M151 series vehicles regardless of the mutilation method: 4-58 DoD 4160.21-M a DRMO Chiefs shall ensure that contractors who perform mutilation do not employ any measures designed to circumvent or frustrate the intent that usable vehicles shall not be reassembled from residue of mutilation. b The “two-man rule” with proper certification shall be made applicable to mutilation procedures. c The proper mutilation of vehicles shall be made a matter of DRMS internal control reviews.

Mutilation can be accomplished by the DRMO, the Federal agency, or donee recipient, the buyer as a condition of sale, or by the generating activity on a reimbursable basis. The vehicle must not be released from DRMO control until mutilation has been accomplished, however, components and parts can be removed and released before, during, or after mutilation action and before offering for sale. Reimbursement for the costs incurred in the mutilation or component removal actions performed on M151 vehicles by the host activity shall be accomplished as stated in subparagraphs B74g(1)(e)5 and 6.

Issues to Federal Civil Agencies and Donees. Reimbursement by DRMS to the host activity for expenses incurred in disposal actions involving the M151 jeep shall be accomplished in accordance with normal DRMO processing criteria under the local ISA agreement. Reimbursement from Federal civil agencies and donees for component removal (that is, other than separation of items from the unitized body cited in subparagraph B74g(1)(e)1) for such activities shall be accomplished by the DRMS.

Sales. Mutilation by the contractor as a condition of sale before passage of title of components and residue, is permissible if mutilation is monitored by the DRMO before removal. If accomplished by the host installation, reimbursement procedures in subparagraph B74g(1)(e)5 are applicable. The original and one copy of the award document shall bear the statement: “Notice: The material hereby being released is the residue of an M151 vehicle and not the vehicle itself.”

The engine, radiator, and transmission, although designed exclusively for the M151, have application as training aids and power plants. Since the unitized body must be eliminated from further civilian use, these components should be salvaged and processed for RTDS.

Certain M151 engines which have been exempted from exhaust emission standards for reasons of national security by EPA, may not be sold. These engines may be identified by a plastic or metal label, welded, riveted, or otherwise permanently attached in a readily visible position in the engine compartment. The label has been affixed by the vehicle manufacturer, whose vehicles have been exempted, in such a manner that it cannot be removed without destroying or defacing the label, and is not affixed to any equipment which is easily detached from the vehicle. The label contains the following information lettered in English in block letters and numerals, which are of a color that contrasts with the background of the label: a The label heading: Vehicle Emission Control Information. b Full corporate name and trademark of the manufacturer. c Engine displacement (in cubic inches) and engine family identification. d The statement: “This vehicle is exempt from EPA certification regulations applicable to (insert current year) model year new motor vehicles (day, month, year of exemption).” Since these engines, so identified, have only been exempted for DoD use, they can only be used within DoD. If no reutilization need develops within DoD, they must be destroyed. Destruction shall be accomplished by cracking the engine block beyond reparation or restoration. (f) Customers working on DoD premises in accomplishing mutilation and component removal on M151 vehicles shall provide for release from any claims for injury or damage sustained. This shall be accomplished by the DRMO requiring the customer to sign the following statement before the mutilation and removal effort:

The Government assumes no liability for damages to the property of the recipient, recipient's employees or third parties, or for personal injuries, disabilities or death to the recipient, recipient's employees or third parties arising from or incident to the mutilation, acquisition, and use of this property. The recipient shall hold the Government harmless from any and all such demands, suits, actions, or claims of whatsoever nature arising from the mutilation, acquisition, and use of this property.” (g) DRMS shall include the applicable terms and conditions in all sale solicitations offering M151 vehicles.

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