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 +The changeover to an alternator from the 25 amp generator is a pretty simple job. Here's the Heathkit version:
 +  -Disconnect the battery
 +  -Remove the cable between the generator and regulator
 +  -Remove the generator
 +  -Remove the regulator
 +  -Mount the alternator
 +  -Ground the alternator frame to the engine
 +  -Remove the heavy 8 gauge wire from the connector in the vehicle harness that used to go to the regulator and connect it to the alternator output post (#5)
 +  -The smaller (field) cable needs to be connected to the ignition switch. This can be connected to the same lead that goes to the distributor. If you have a HMMWV alternator with 3 wires attach the wire marked #568 to the switch. The other connector is an AC sense lead that isn't used in the 151. Don't "flash" the field the way you used to with a generator
 +  -Reconnect the batteries and test. If the output isn't in the green on the voltmeter there is a plug on the alternator near the connection point cover that can be removed to give you access to the voltage adjustment point with a screwdriver. Set the alternator so that you have 27 volts on the large output post.
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